Saturday, 8 December 2012

Replace the blanks with the correct answers.

   After 35 days, the body had been completely dried out. _________ and oils were rubbed over the skin to make it soft again. The body was then stuffed with chaff, ____ or sawdust. The next step was the wrapping.
The ______ of the body would each be wrapped separately at first. Many _______would be placed within the wrappings to protect the _______ in the afterlife. First, the individual parts of the body were ________. Then, the body was completely wrapped from head to toe in many layers using strips of ______________. It took ________days to fully wrap the body in linen bandages.
Two of you are pityful with the sour faces.

Miss Ng with her only student.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

This song is mentioning about a mothers's love is the greatest of all.

At The Zoo

Here is the song that I have accidentally removed. Please listen carefully and list out all the animals that you could find in the song.