Saturday, 8 December 2012

Replace the blanks with the correct answers.

   After 35 days, the body had been completely dried out. _________ and oils were rubbed over the skin to make it soft again. The body was then stuffed with chaff, ____ or sawdust. The next step was the wrapping.
The ______ of the body would each be wrapped separately at first. Many _______would be placed within the wrappings to protect the _______ in the afterlife. First, the individual parts of the body were ________. Then, the body was completely wrapped from head to toe in many layers using strips of ______________. It took ________days to fully wrap the body in linen bandages.
Two of you are pityful with the sour faces.

Miss Ng with her only student.


Saturday, 1 December 2012

This song is mentioning about a mothers's love is the greatest of all.

At The Zoo

Here is the song that I have accidentally removed. Please listen carefully and list out all the animals that you could find in the song.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lesson Plan

Lesson 13
Title:  The Mummy
Theme:   World of Knowledge

Class: Year 5
Duration:  30 minutes

Learning Outcomes:
Listen to keywords and phrases heard.
Complete simple instructions and directions, descriptions, poems and other texts with the missing word(s) (with guidance given in the form of words and pictures)
Sound System:
Double consonants  ff / f /
Sentence Type: Simple sentences
embalmed, linen bandages, preserving, internal organs, afterlife, artefacts, wrinkled, leathery, portrait mask, eternal, archaeologists
Moral Value:
Respect the cultures of other people.
Educational Emphasis:
Acquiring knowledge

Teacher’s Presentation
Pupil’s Action
(3 minutes)
Show scene 1 of content. See reaction of pupils after they see the image of a mummy.
1.     Do you know what a mummy is?
2.     Where are mummies found?
3.     Why were the bodies mummified?
4.     Why were mummies buried deep inside a pyramid?
Pupils show different reactions to the image of the mummy.

Pupils answer according to their own prior knowledge.
While Activity
(15 minutes)
Show Let’s Practise scenes 5 -11

Show content scenes 6 – 12 which demonstrate the process of embalming a body.

Pupils listen and repeat the phrases.

Pupils listen and watch the process of embalming a body.

Post Activity
(8 minutes)
Use worksheet from Check. Pupils listen to the Audio in Let’s Check and fill in the blanks with the correct answers.
Pupils listen and write.
(4 minutes)
Show pictures of pyramids found in Egypt.
1.     Ask pupils to construct their own pyramid using a cardboard.
2.     Prepare a template of a square base and four triangles.
3.     Show pupils how to make a pyramid.

Who were the people involved in the     embalming process?
  1. the chief embalmer
  2. an assistant embalmer
  3. a  Priest
  4. the ripper-up
  5. minor priests

Pupils make a cardboard pyramid.

Pupils answer according to their prior knowledge